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10 Stunning Instagram
Theme Ideas & (How You Can Get Them)

Andre De Souza | April 3, 2019 | Instagram, Marketing, Photography

Lets face it, Instagram has found its way into everyones daily lives and while we can go on debating whether this is a good or bad thing, one thing we can't deny is the fact that businesses and brands too, are using Instagram.

Instagram has become the visual representation for businesses and brands in 2019 and therefor needs to be treated with extreme care. Curating a stunning Instagram theme for your feed can be overwhelming and in most cases lead to being rushed or even worse completely disregarded.

To help alleviate some of the burdens that come with starting a new Instagram page we have compiled 10 stunning Instagram theme ideas along with some useful tips and insights. Lets begin!

1. @woodlot’s Inspirational Instagram Theme

As you may know visuals matter in the cosmetic space, after all thats what the cosmetic industry is based around. Woodlot is a great example of a brand that knows how to visually inspire their followers — and it shows across their entire Instagram page.

Woodlot focuses on empowering healthy natural alternatives to beauty cosmetics and therefor carry this theme throughout their Instagram feed. They post striking motivational content that showcases their products as well as how to utilise their products for the everyday woman. This makes their posts extremely relatable to their followers and contributes to their growing tribe.

Based off Woodlot's philosophy it is evident that they have a clear mission and a clear goal which is to deliver consistent quality, natural wellness products, which they show very well across their Instagram feed.

"It all starts with respect for people and planet. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that using ancient methods of hands-on craftsmanship and ethically-sourced, natural ingredients has a ripple effect on the wellness rituals of future generations." - Woodlot

2. @amberscholl’s Nude Pearl Instagram Theme

Amber Scholl is a fashion and beauty vlogger who has amassed an incredible level of success on her Youtube channel, but not only has she done it on YouTube, she has done it on her Instagram account too, which currently holds over 700,000 engaged followers to date. Crazy!

The questions we all want to know is just how did she do it? and how can you learn from her?

For those looking to recreate a simple yet striking Instagram feed like Amber's, we have made some notes to take into account.

Now we have to acknowledge that Amber, Is a YouTuber and a majority of her following on Instagram is a by-product of her work on YouTube. This however does not take away from her years of hard work.

Looking into Amber's Instagram feed, you will notice a lot of negative spaced pictures with a lot of fillers. While she does post selfies she makes sure to place emphasis on the same 3 colors. Beige, black and cream. These colors of which when used together create the simple Nude theme carried out throughout her Instagram feed.

One thing Amber is not afraid to do is experiment with different styles, and this could not be any less vivid. Given she found her identity and path through YouTube, you get the picture that she spent a lot of time trying a lot of different color themes until she found the one that worked for her.

She also believes that another way to engage better with your audience and further your brand's image is through the use of Instagram stories and highlights.

3. @mattcrump’s Rainbow Instagram Theme

Being creative on Instagram is definitely something you want to make sure you have in the back of your mind. If anyone knows about bringing creativity to their Instagram feed, it's native Texan Matt Crump .

Matt has a very bubbly personality that is not in the least showcased on his Instagram feed, however to know such information, one would have to view his daily story posts where he openly shares more of himself with his followers through polls, questionnaires and live tutorials.

It is through this activity which Matt is able to reinforce his account. He uses a very simple yet effective strategy called the "bait and catch" approach where his stunning Instagram theme draws your attention almost instantly enticing you to want to learn more about how he creates such vibrant stunning and consistent rainbow inspired posts. - which he definitely always over delivers through his story posts.

4. @vulture_labs’s Black & White Instagram Theme

This is one of those themes that require a thorough understanding of lighting. Vulture_lab's Instagram feed showcases that a Black and White theme when executed correctly can be a very visually appealing Instagram theme to have.

A popular take-away not only from Vulture_lab's Instagram theme but from many other accounts with the black and white theme is to choose neutral settings with little to know visual noise. This has the effect of causing the viewer to focus on the target object which in most cases should really only be one object. In Vulture_lab's case it's mostly architectural buildings, or nature based components.

As you can see when selecting to go with a black and white Instagram theme, you need to identify what your account's content will primarily be, followed by carefully selecting your unique black and white preset to ensure all your posts follow the same identical black and white theme.

5. @honeyandbedaily’s One Product Instagram Theme

If you own an online store, or you sell a single product you definately want to take some notes from Honey & BE. They only sell one product on their store and therefor the only thing they post on their Instagram feed is content solely related to their single product.

Now an important thing to note is, while Honey & BE's single product posts predominantly fill up 90% of their Instagram feed, the remaining 10% is used to post a secondary theme represented by their "self adore" posts, which is evident throughout their page. The use of a secondary theme reinforces their main theme which is focused on their single product.

Another key point we noticed was the fact that, Honey & BE's "self adore" posts seem to be regularly featured on their feed normally between every 5 or 6 product posts. The correct use of this dual theme approach gives their page a subtle yet effective edge over their competitors.

As a final analysis, we can see that Honey & BE's product is being showcased in a way that creates curiosity. Almost all of their content is unique and professionally presented throughout their page with zero regurgitated third party content which singles them out as a brand leader in their market place.

6. @isabelmarant’s Lookbook Styled Instagram Theme

Isabel Marant bring runway model elegance and class to their Instagram feed with their sleek lookbook styled theme. The execution has been done so well, that you cant help but feel as though you are experiencing a high end fashion show, as you scroll through their feed.

The way Isabel Marant have been able to achieve this theme is mainly due to understanding the few yet necessary elements behind the one key thing they were going after, which was elegance.

When asked about the key elements behind their Instagram theme we were not surprised to hear the significance of "space". All Isabel Marant's posts follow a similar visual layout which all include a sharp white border, combined with slight filter edits for a vintage touch. All of these elements when brought together, serve up a clear winning formula to transform any Instagram Theme from ashy to classy.

Isabel Marant's social media marketing team goes on to say that the intentions behind their unique instagram theme is to - "make our followers feel connected to the process, we want them to feel as though they are a part of an actual runway project".

7. @ohhappyday’s Bubbly & Vibrant Instagram Theme

What do you get when you mix a bunch of bright exciting colors, and party essentials together? You get Oh Happy Day's bubbly and vibrant Instagram theme.

Looking closer into Oh Happy Day's Instagram theme, you will notice that they remain loyal not only to their color palette, but to their type of content. Being centralised around party essentials, a lot of their pictures involve exactly that... Party essentials!

If you were looking to create your theme in a similar manner to Oh Happy Days, then you should expect to find a lot of success in choosing a vibrant color palette which includes rich oranges, pinks, yellows and blues.

If you want to be sure to execute your bubbly vibrant theme. It is important for you as it is with any other theme to remain loyal to your color's and content throughout your entire Instagram feed.
With regards to Oh Happy Day's choice of content, they choose to keep things simple by sticking to their word. and deliver on their initial promise.

Take a very close look at the first line in their Instagram bio, which reads as follows - "🎈Party Ideas and DIY's updated Fresh Daily!"

8. @fashionismyfortee’s Up & About Instagram Theme

Gergana Ivanova is the fashion blogger behind the 'Fashion Is My Fortee' website and Instagram page @fashionismyfortee. Characterised by an up-and about, confident-aesthetic modern women, it’s no wonder how she’s been able to accumulate an Instagram audience well over 200,000 followers.

A huge contributor to Gergana’s Instagram success can be explained by her beautiful Instagram theme. Despite showcasing hundreds of different outfits and styles on her account, she has added an exciting element of urgency to her content which gives off the impression that she is an active outgoing and motivational person you'll want to get to know.

If you would like to emulate Gergana's Instagram theme, pay close attention to her choice of photographs, which typically include her "on the go", or with a take-away coffee in hand. This is the use of urgency we mentioned earlier being visually shared throughout her feed.

9. @laurenjaneyt’s Evergreen Instagram Theme

Lets be honest, like Lauren Mullally we are all prone to boredom, fortunately enough Lauren shows us that you can still have an awesome Instagram theme, even if it changes every once in a while.

It's important to note that Lauren's theme in itself actually revolves around the fact that the theme changes for every few posts. It can be hard to understand but can be best seen visually scrolling through her feed. She sticks to one leading color palette for a few weeks and then changes to another with no regret. The key here is to hold the different color palettes long enough for them to seem intentional and planned which Lauren does exceptionally well.

To summarise Lauren's Instagram theme, it is safe to say that you don't need to be a professional photographer nor do you need to have expensive designer clothing for every second post. Lauren shows us that simply sticking to a single leading color every couple of months can shape up what is to become a lovely evergreen Instagram theme.

10. @cerebralmist’s Checkerboard Instagram Theme

There is a high chance that you may have come across a checkerboard Instagram theme, however there is an even higher chance that you haven't come across one quite as alluring as Cerebral Mist's checkerboard Instagram theme.

It may seem cliché to go with a checkerboard theme as most people choose it over others. Typically most checkerboard themes will include a single interest/niche, in combination with related quotes.

However, Cerebral Mist takes things to the next level by incorporating alternating color palettes and interest's (as mentioned in #9) to their checkerboard theme.

Looking at the picture above, it is definitely a sudden and unusual twist in the direction of the Cerebral Mist's Instagram feed, however while the color and photo choices have changed, you still can't help but appreciate Cerebral Mist for choosing to keep the checkerboard theme despite their color palette change from green to pink.

After-all, why stick to the same color's and interest's? If you can alternate and still maintain your level of cohesiveness, then you should definitely make use of the checkerboard Instagram theme. Cerebral Mist shows us that it can indeed be done, and when executed well can be as beautiful and unique as any of the other Instagram themes listed above.

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